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The first day of the workshop, after time spent in the classroom, we headed out to Olmstead Point in Yosemite for the evening and night. There wasn't much of a sunset, but the rocks often light up nicely just before the sun goes behind the hills.

After the skies got dark, it was time to start practicing what we had been learning about that afternoon.

This was another accidental light painting from a car heading along Tioga Rd as the shot was taken.

This was a planned light painting where a group of us went with Michael up the hill to a particular tree. We all set up and did various attempts at capturing him painting the tree.

Before all this started, I had set up my other camera to capture my first attempt at a "star trail" shot at a particular spot recommended to me by Michael's assistant, Robert. So while I shot away elsewhere, my camera was shooting 4 minute exposures one after the other that I then processed into this picture. My "second" camera was one I rented specifically for this workshop, so that I could do both star trails and other shots at the same time.

After Olmstead Point, we headed down to Tenaya Lake, also along Tioga Road in Yosemite to try and capture the stars reflecting in the lake. It was remarkably peaceful with just starlight and a calm lake. I shot this image with an extremely wide fisheye lens, and I liked how the curvature emphasizes the bowl of the lake, so I didn't try and "de-fish" the image.

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